SJ2B- SMD IC Buck Regulator

SJ2B IC SMD Buck Regulator

SJ2B– SMD IC Buck Regulator

The LMR14206 is a PWM DC/DC buck (step-down) regulator. With a wide input range from 4.5V-42V, they are suitable for a wide range of applications such as power conditioning from unregulated sources. They feature a low RDSON (0.9Ω typical) internal switch for maximum efficiency (85% typical). Operating frequency is fixed at 1.25 MHz allowing the use of small external components while still being able to have low output voltage ripple. Soft-start can be implemented using the shutdown pin with an external RC circuit allowing the user to tailor the softstart time to a specific application. The LMR14206 is optimized for up to 600 mA load current with a 0.765V nominal feedback voltage. Additional features include: thermal shutdown, VIN under-voltage lockout, and gate drive under-voltage lockout. The LMR14206 is available in a low profile 6- pin SOT package.



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